Exploring equity in Sonoma County Schools

In the fall of 2020, Sonoma County Office of Education set out to hear from students of color to understand individual struggles and the larger picture of the minority experience in Sonoma County schools. Goodist Creative examined the forums and put together a strategic communications plan based on the equity forum findings. As part of the work, we launched SonnomaStudentVoices.org as a launching point for all community engagement related to this new initiative.

While it’s far from a manual for solving racial inequities, it’s an opportunity for educators and the community at large to begin to understand new perspectives on our schools, paving the way for positive, inclusive changes to curriculum, classroom environments, and campus communities. By listening to our students, we can ensure that everyone has the support they need to be healthy, feel welcome, and find success in school.

Learn more about the Student Voices Forums and support equity in Sonoma County Schools: sonomastudentvoices.org