Imagining the future for Sonoma County kids

When our community’s students succeed, we all do. But as the economy and industries change, the future will ask very different things from our kids than it did from us.

We need to ensure the students in our region are not just educated by today’s standards, but are equipped with what it takes to be successful in tomorrow’s workforce.

That’s where the Sonoma County Portrait of a Graduate comes in. Sonoma County Office of Education, Career Technical Education Foundation, and HealthAction Cradle 2 Career joined forces to develop a shared vision of our aspirations for high school students — to define what students will need in this rapidly changing world.

The organizations looked to Goodist Creative to help them fully realize and articulate these ideas in a stunning and inspiring “portrait” of a future Sonoma County graduate. 

Sonoma County Portrait of a Graduate Poster

We helped synthesize months of research and input gathered from tons of meetings with parents, educators, and business and community leaders into a cohesive and visionary picture of the key skills and mindsets a grad will need for future success.

We started by nailing down the words — the terms and definitions. Then, we went on to turn those ideas into art — by producing a stunning poster that would inspire teachers, students, and parents, and really stand out in a usually-boring education setting. 

With the poster set, we went on to produce a series of supporting content to help get the word out. 

  • A website to engage and educate the community about the Portrait, and to encourage long-term participation. 
  • Video and messaging content to equip all participating organizations with what they need to tell the Portrait story.
  • Event materials and keepsakes for everyone involved in the project, as well as for the educators in our community. 

Being part of the Portrait.

We are honored to be part of such a powerful project — one that is already and will continue to influence the direction of education and the future success of the entire Sonoma County region.  

The portrait isn’t just a static image — it’s a living vision for our future. For information on how you can be part of the Portrait in your community, go to

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