A world of coffee, made for you.

With a Starbucks on every corner, it’s hard to stand out and get noticed as a specialty coffee roaster. The team behind Scratch Coffee Market wants to change that. They’ve got a big vision: bring independent coffee producers from across the country together into a single online marketplace that’s packed with great coffee and industry-leading customer educational content.

Brand name to branded content.

Goodist Creative worked to name, position, and produce brand messaging and guidelines for this new startup that would provide a warm, inviting tone to an industry that’s often cold and snobby. Our friends at Seamonster Studios crafted the visual brand, playing on art elements that reinforced the brand’s tone of global yet personal.

From there, we dug into charting a path for how to tell the story across multiple channels — with a content strategy that spanned email, digital content distribution, and editorial calendars to keep the internal team on track from pre-marketing through post-launch.

Finally, we crafted audio ads for radio, and video content for the web and advertising, as well as helped the Scratch team jumpstart their entire content program.

scratch coffee market screenshot

Welcome to Scratch Coffee Market

With the website nearing completion and a goal of over 175 roaster partners, Scratch is poised to become the biggest market of its kind.

ScratchCoffee.com is in beta now, setting it sights on raising the profile of coffee roasters and their products, while bringing a big new player to the world of coffee. We were happy to help them get started.

  • Naming, positioning, and brand messaging got Scratch Coffee Market off to a strong start
  • Content strategy and editorial calendars to guide their communications.
  • Audio and video content to set the tone and get the word out.