Serious Bread: Helping Alvarado Street Bakery Evolve their Brand Storytelling

Over the course of 35 years, Alvarado Street Bakery pioneered a new category of whole-grain organic breads, driven by a passion for doing good work and using good ingredients. Today, while their bread is still great, their voice is often drowned out by the young, hip newcomers to the whole-grain bread market.

Evolving a brand without touching logos

Alvarado Street brought us in to help them reframe how they communicate with the world and really connect with consumers while holding onto the values that made this worker-owned, organic bakery so great.

We crafted a new, brighter and more approachable brand story and voice that plays up the idea of “Serious Bread” without being too serious — effectively evolving their brand without the heavy costs of updating logos.

Then, we equipped their internal team to execute the messaging with a hearty content strategy that spanned everything from social media to email marketing, and a topical calendar to keep them on track.

We capped the work by broadcasting the new brand story through a social campaign and video that shows the world why they should care about real bread.

alvarado street bakery facebook page

A Fresh-Baked Brand Story

In the world of consumer packaged commodities like sliced bread, having a great story to tell is the difference between a sale and a disinterested customer. We were happy to help Alvarado Street Bakery begin a new chapter in the life of their brand.

  • Brand messaging as the driving force for rebranding without touching the logo.
  • Content marketing strategy to define the long-term approach to broadcasting their story.
  • Video, email, and digital advertising to reach new customers.