Our version of perfect.

We love a good bowl of pho. We also love being able to put together a beautiful, comforting meal at home. And we love love helping cool upstart companies like Essence of Lotus get off the ground and get attention.

We partnered with Essence of Lotus to get their brand storytelling in shape, and create a series of recipe videos to showcase the product and entice people to try out this just-add-water approach to something that’s usually really complex.

Sharing something delicious

We worked with our friends over at Seamonster Studios to help them launch the Essence of Lotus website and a big bowl of social content to keep customers coming back for more.

With sales growing at a healthy 10% clip month over month, we were thrilled to help Essence of Lotus win over happy customers. We’re excited to see where they go from here, and also pretty excited to go have some delicious soup.