Coffee with a remarkable story to tell.

Black Oak Coffee Roasters produces award-winning coffee, sourced from renowned farmers around the world and roasted by skilled artisans in unique and beautiful Mendocino County. They make bright, beautiful, distinct coffees that inspire wonder and bring delight. When Black Oak came to Goodist for help with their brand messaging and content strategy, we couldn’t wait to help share their story with the world.

Making a complex story delicious and approachable

We worked with the founders of Black Oak Coffee Roasters to explore every aspect of their business, from how they got started, why they love what they do, and what makes their coffees different. Together, we looked at their brand closely by sifting through the anecdotes and personal stories, as well as stepping back and taking a high-level look at the overall market and industry trends.

We distilled the complex and compelling information that we discovered into a singular brand message: a living, breathing brand story that is unique and authentic to Black Oak. This brand message serves as the foundation for all communication and customer outreach, keeping their brand strong and consistent across all channels and touchpoints.

And it's just the beginning

After developing the brand story + messaging, we collaborated with Black Oak to create a content strategy and editorial calendar to guide their brand communication over the course of the year.

  • Brand story + messaging
  • Content strategy + editorial calendar
  • Product positioning, digital advertising, social media

By starting with the roots of the brand — the brand story — we have worked together to build a strong foundation that allows for continued growth and creativity.